Bicycle Accidents – What You Can Do If You Sustained Physical Injury

Safety is always a concern for bicycle riders when they ride on the road because of the fact that cars would rather that they are not on the road with them and pedestrians will not tolerate them on the pavements either. So in some cities, bicycle riders have their own lanes for their safety. However, not all cities are as accommodating. Bicycle riders endure riding with cars in close proximity on the road and as expected, accidents involving cars and bicycles are rampant and a lot of these accidents results to physical injuries. In fact, statics show that 2% of fatalities from accidents are bicycle riders and 2% of injuries from crashes or accidents are also bicycle riders.

What are the causes of bicycle accidents?

bicycle accidentBicycle accidents can occur because of negligence of either or both bicycle riders and car drivers. Reckless driving can result to traffic violation citations or it can lead to a more dangerous situation like an accident. Unfavorable road conditions that lack warning road signs can also result to accidents to bicycle riders. A malfunctioning bicycle because of lack of maintenance can also easily break on the road and it can lead to accidents. Circumstances and unfavorable conditions can result to accidents. Some accidents can be prevented while other causes are just accidents waiting to happen. If you have been recently involved in a bicycle accident, it is important to get medical attention first, and then get to the bottom of the cause of the accident to determine who is liable and if you file for a lawsuit. Here’s what you can do if you sustained physical injury in a bicycle accident.

Can I file for a claim if I have been in a bicycle accident?

The first step in filing for a lawsuit is determining liability. Who is the responsible party in the accident? As long as you are not the responsible party in the accident, you can file for a lawsuit.

Bike Accident Claim – You can file for a bike accident claim to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. This is suitable action if it has been determined that the negligence or traffic violation of the other party is indeed the cause. To file for this claim, you must have supporting documents like police reports, photos of the scene, photos of the damages to your property and injuries you have sustained.

State Tort Claim – Suing the city is the appropriate action if you can prove that negligence of the city or city workers was the cause of the accident. This is usually the case for accidents that are caused by bad roads that has no warning signs or just the lack of road signs. You can sue for compensation for your pain and suffering, damages, lost wages and others.

Product Liability Claim – Suing the manufacturer of your bicycle is through a product liability claim is an appropriate action if the reason the accident happened is because of a faulty bicycle part or a substandard product. This can be difficult to prove but if you have experts and expert’s opinions on your side, you can get a settlement for the injuries you sustained and other damages sustained because of the accident.