How Employment Lawyers Can Explain The Benefits of Class Action Cases

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Employment law is an incredibly rewarding field; employers have always tried to make the most profit possible from their workforce, regardless of the weight they have to carry. Employers will work their employees to the bone, making them do as much as they possibly can, even when their health is put at risk.

When an employee is mistreated and decides to pursue legal action, sometimes it is in their best interest to pursue a class action, rather than an individual claim. But, for many, this suggestions does not give them confidence that their case will be handled with care.

Employment lawyers can find themselves pulling their hair out trying to explain to someone that they would be best served by joining a class action. Nobody wants to get “screwed”. For some, the mere idea that a class action is a ploy by their attorney to get more money can lead a person to storm out of a law office.

Use Examples and Easy-To-Understand Explanations

examplesSpeaking to a client should be similar to speaking to a child; you don’t want to treat them like they are stupid, but you want them to understand you are in charge and that they should do what you say quickly. Those who seek out employment law attorneys have already been used by their employer, and are often on-guard. You want to be as unthreatening as possible and use language they can understand and relate to.

When explaining class actions, let them know that grouping together is going to work out for them in the long run. You went to law school for a reason, let them see your legal prowess. Explain to them that by grouping together with others who have been wronged in a similar way, you all have a better chance of maximizing your recoveries and obtaining compensation as quickly as possible.

Tell Them About How Much They Could Make


Nothing is going to convince your client to join a class action more than telling them how much they could potentially make if they do. It is no secret that class action settlements can be hundreds of millions of dollars. These settlements and verdicts are dispersed amongst all of those who join the class action, often resulting in more compensation for the plaintiffs had they tried to pursue the money on their own.

Scott Cooper of the Cooper Law Firm was able to secure $20,000,000 on behalf of computer engineers that were denied their overtime pay. These huge verdict amounts can help motivate anyone to consider pursuing a class action.

Reassure Them That They Are Still Important

Most clients don’t want to pursue claims as part of a class action because they don’t want to become one of several pursuing compensation. They liked being David Vs. Goliath. Let them know that they are more than just a number to you, and that their case truly matters.