The Importance of an Effective Court Reporter in Legal Communication

SS_fastest_growing_jobs_stenographerThe court reporter is a silent member of the courtroom team that also plays an important role during a proceeding but is oftentimes ignored. He or she just sits quietly in the courtroom and types everything that is being said into the stenography machine. The role of an effective court reporter is very essential and necessary in recording and memorializing all the testimonies and arguments that are offered in a courtroom as well as the words that are uttered by the judge during a hearing or legal proceedings.

The court reporters are very integral to the whole functioning of the court and they are well-known like the clerks and judges. The Orange County motorcycle lawyers of Timothy J. Ryan & Associates insist on having as much control as possible over selection of court reporters, showcasing their importance amongst the courtroom staff and participants. They can’t afford to have important information overlooked. The transcript for the proceedings that were the product of the court reporter’s efforts was as indispensable as the other things having to do with a certain case. Court reporters create word-for-word transcriptions during trials, administrative hearings, depositions, and other legal lawsuits or proceedings.

There are also some court reporters that provide captioning of the case for televisions and real time translations for deaf people at public events, business meetings and even in classrooms to let them know the things that are happening in a certain case or important issue that the public has concerns with it.

An effective court reporter is very important because he or she plays a critical role in any legal proceedings which actually requires an exact record of what was said by the two parties involved as well as the words that are said by the judge or jury. They are the one responsible for the complete, secure and accurate legal transcript of all the witness testimonies, courtroom proceedings, and depositions.

Court reporters also typically perform the following important roles:

  • Attending hearings, proceedings, depositions and other related events that require a written transcript
  • Capture spoken dialogues with a very specialized equipment, such as stenography machine, covered microphones and video and audio recording devices
  • Reads or plays back everything or a portion of the legal proceedings upon the request from the jury or judge
  • Responsible in reviewing the notes for names the speakers and other technical terminology
  • Ask the speakers when clarifying inaudible or unclear testimonies or statements
  • Preparing the transcripts for the records and edits it for typographical errors
  • Help to notify the people know the things that are happening in a big case or legal proceeding that concerns them
  • The one who turns speech into text to help the deaf or hard-of-hearing persons understand the proceedings like by cued speech, sign language, or other gestural or spoken means of sending the message or communicating with them

There are no other persons that can possibly perform this job very well than the court reporters. They are not a lawyer or a judge but they also have a background and technical education when it comes to legal matters. The skills and abilities of an effective court reporter are just some of the most important things in legal proceedings and to have a well done lawsuit.