How Car Accident Attorneys Communicate Success to Juries

female auto attorney in court speaking to jury

When people find themselves in a position where they really need to hire a lawyer, many of them do the job without any prior experience since they do not have a real idea about how the legal system works. However, the legal system is highly complex, so the time spent in court can be a lengthy enough process.

If you ever hire a car accident attorney (, you need to keep in mind that the attorney should communicate with you throughout the legal process in order to make you understand the judicial workings of your case. Every lawsuit pertaining to car accidents needs to follow different paths, and many times, that path is unpredictable.

As a seriously injured victim of a car accident case, you must have a general grasp as to how car accident attorneys successfully communicate their cases to juries so that they achieve success in the case.

  • p-i-p-infographicAfter filing of a lawsuit, the defendant’s attorney needs to prepare all the appropriate documents for his client. Usually once the lawsuit is filed, the court allows the defendant to serve all the required paper somewhere between 30 to 60 days since the date of the lawsuit. However, in average cases, the defendant has 30 days to serve the papers.
  • Within 60 days after the lawsuit filing, written interrogatories between two parties are exchanged. The car accident attorneys typically help the parties to answer the questions. Then within 6 months of filing of the lawsuit an informal proceeding as oral deposition take place in the lawyer’s office in presence of a court reporter in order to answer the questions asked by the opposition’s attorney.
  • Usually during the first 6 months of the car accident lawsuit, a doctor appointed by the defense once examines the injured party and the medical record is subpoenaed by the defense party. During this time, both the parties- injured and defense, are accompanied by their lawyers.
  • Then in respect of the medical report, the car accident attorneys begin to arrange expert witnesses. These witnesses need to report their depositions at the other side’s attorneys. In the trial process, the attorneys of each side need to disclose the names of those expert witnesses in the testimonials.
  • Now somewhere in the case, the settlement discussion begins between two parties either formally or informally. At some point, the court orders about mediation where the settlement discussion is conducted in the presence of an expert third party, probably a retired judge to resolve the case.
  • When mediation fails to resolve the settlement, the trial of the case starts. Based on the complexity of the case, the car accident attorneys complete the trial within four to three weeks. During the trial, both parties’ attorneys present their cases successfully before the jury and then the jury reaches to a decision after deliberating the trial.
  • Many expert car accident attorneys successfully handle the mediation so that the cases are solved and the injured party gets his or her funds within next 30 days.
  • However, apart from this timeline of car accident cases, there are numerous accident cases where pre-lawsuit settlements are done. These settlements are usually taken place in favor of the insurance companies that do not wish to pay large amount to hire the professional lawyers to defend the accident lawsuits.

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