The Areas of Legal Communication


Whenever you have a business that keeps you busy all the time, you know for sure that you want to have success and you do all that you can to achieve it. For some people, this can be extremely easy, as they are born with business in their blood. For others, it can be harder, as they can just start on this road and feel like there are obstacles at every step.

What you need to do is keep your eyes open for the areas of legal communication, as this is what sets your start on the right way. This needs to be followed too in the case when you want to expand your business, and for this, you surely need to implement a set of rules that you and your employees need to follow.


p18mrs1thhcg919llqs81983u8u3This is an important area of the legal communication that you keep. The disclaimers are those documents, always written, that will help you protect your business in case there is litigation due to a misuse or a misunderstanding of a client. For example, if a criminal defense lawyer did a domestic violence case evaluation, they would have to explain that until a retainer is signed, no one at their law firm is representing anyone in a legal action. Some people might not be very careful and say nothing hoping that disclaimer will protect you in case those people will try to issue a lawsuit because their case was mishandled due to their own fault.


laws-legal-ethical-post-itsThis means that you have to be transparent in your decisions for the rest of the public, your clients, your vendors and everybody who you make business with. For example, if you hire somebody to make a commercial for you and you print those ads, you also need to state somewhere on the page how much you pay for his or her services.

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If you write a blog about California DUI consequences, you’ve got to include a disclaimer explaining that your included info should not be considered legal advice. It can be written in a very small format, but it needs to be there. You will spend a lot of money on your marketing communications with clients, but it will be worth it.

Marketing Communication

This is included in a law that says this: a business owner must be fair in communicating to the clients. This means that if you make an ad for a product you sell, you need to be truthful in what you say. Your product claim needs to be based on facts, and not just on words. If you say, for example, that the food you sell and promote has lower calories that others, then you need to have the food tested and advertise this somewhere in the menu. In a few words, you cannot make a claim that is unsubstantiated.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t provide multiple types of legal services. Some attorneys advertise assisting with personal injury, criminal defense, as well as several other types of law without getting themselves in trouble with their state bar.


communication-patternThis area is all about your financial reporting. You surely know that whatever budget you have, and whatever expenses and income for all of this data needs to appear in a report. It’s extremely important as this prevents lawsuits and fines, and you will be respecting the law. To keep everything legal, you need to get yourself a certified public accountant, which will keep your accounting books in order and within the law.


Internal Communication

What this means is that you, as a business owner, need to be sure that your way of conducting the internal communication is excellent. It regards the communications with your employees, the state agencies or your stakeholders. You always need to announce, or communicate what you do with the business, to those people that are of value. For example, if you reorganize, and you need to close down a department or a dependent store, you need to announce this thing to the staff and also to those people that are directly affected by this change.

There are plenty of things to be done when running a business, but if you what it to be successful, come to ComLinks and find out how to properly do it!